About Us


A brand designed & created around 3 core values


Quality ; The team at Vivere Liberare are passionate & committed to providing our customers with the highest quality from the initial design process of each & every garment. The hard work doesn't stop there, we continue to dedicate a lot of hours to searching & sourcing the highest quality materials from our suppliers and the factories around the world to ensure Vivere Liberare can stand alongside the worlds premium fashion brands.


Customer Service ; We strongly believe at Vivere Liberare that our customers, weather its past, present or future are the backbone to our growth and success. The owner @ Vivere Liberare has built a culture within the team to ensure that every customer is heard, and we can grow from our customers.


"Customer service should not be a department, customer service should be the company"


Style ; The team @ Vivere Liberareare driven & focused to ensure that we stay ahead of the fashion curve  & provide our customers with the latest trends in modern day street fashion.


The Vivere Liberare team have embedded these 3 core values into our business, creating a culture & mindset that will ensure  a long lasting relationship with our customers. 


Join Viv-Lib on our journey in todays fashion fashion world, 


"Don't need sight, to have vision ".